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    Free DSP Programs

    The following programs are free to use under the terms of the Spin Semiconductor Open Reverb License for both personal and commercial applications. If you would like to share your own program, please email us. You must agree to release your program under the Spin Semiconductor Open Reverb License to submit it.

    Please note that many of these programs output only the processed signal and as a result the output should be mixed back in with the dry signal.

    FV-1 -- SPN1001
    Code snippets
    Program NameDescriptionSubmitted BySourcePDF
    RMS limiterApprox 10dB limiting range, stereo I/O, common control (to maintain image)Keith Barrrms_limiter.spn
    RMS limiter/expander exampleSimple RMS limiter/expander exampleKeith Barrrms_lim_exp.spn
    Mini reverbMini reverb example,Keith Barrmin_rev1.spn
    Soft knee RMS limiterSoft knee RMS limiterKeith Barrrms_soft_knee.spn
    Simple limiterSimple limiter, -12dB threshold, peak detectingKeith Barrsimp_limiter.spn
    +/-20dB gain/lossExample program for +/-20dB gain/lossKeith Barrthru_gain.spn

    Disco/DJ programs
    Program NameDescriptionSubmitted BySourcePDF
    Reverb+HP+LPReverb plus 2-pole high-pass and 2-pole low-passDave Spinklerdance_ir_h_l.spn
    Reverb+Flange+LPReverb plus flange plu 4-pole low passDave Spinklerdance_ir_fla_l.spn
    Reverb+Pitch+LPReverb plus pitch plus 4-pole low-passDave Spinklerdance_ir_ptz_l.spn

    Program NameDescriptionSubmitted BySourcePDF
    Active crossoverActive cross-over program for speaker equalization. Multiple bands of parametric EQ, etc.Keith Barract_xover.spnAN-0002.pdf

    Program NameDescriptionSubmitted BySourcePDF
    OEM1portable mixer programsKeith Barroem1.zip

    Other effects
    Program NameDescriptionSubmitted BySourcePDF
    DistortionExample distortion moduleKeith Barrdist.spn
    Sine wave generatorSine wave generator, uses POT0 and POT1 for coarse and fine adjustment, POT2 for amplitude controlKeith Barrsingen.spn
    Battling LFOsWhat happens when one LFO controls another, and that controls another and that controls another and that controls the first one?Keith Barrbattling_lfos.spn

    Pitch :: Shifting
    Program NameDescriptionSubmitted BySourcePDF
    ROM pitch shiftPitch shifting program from the FV-1 internal ROMFrank Thomsonrom_pitch.spn
    ROM pitch-echoPitch-echo program from the FV-1 internal ROMFrank Thomsonrom_pt_echo.spn
    Key-revPitch + reverb for karaoke appsKeith Barrkey_rev.spn

    Reverb :: Combined effect
    Program NameDescriptionSubmitted BySourcePDF
    ROM flange/reverbCombination flange/reverb program from the FV-1 internal ROMKeith Barrrom_fla_rev.spn
    ROM reverb/chorusReverb/chorus program from the FV-1 internal ROMKeith Barrrom_chor_rev.spn
    ROM tremolo/reverbCombination tremelo/reverb program from the FV-1 internal ROMKeith Barrrom_trem_rev.spn

    Reverb :: Plate
    Program NameDescriptionSubmitted BySourcePDF
    Very tight plateVery tight plate reverbHarmon Groldrev_pl_3.spn
    Tight plateTight plate reverbHarmon Groldrev_pl_2.spn
    Plate reverbPlate reverbHarmon Groldrev_pl_1.spn

    Reverb :: Room
    Program NameDescriptionSubmitted BySourcePDF
    ROM reverb 1Reverb 1 program from the FV-1 internal ROMKeith Barrrom_rev1.spn
    ROM reverb 2Reverb 2 program from the FV-1 internal ROMKeith Barrrom_rev2.spn
    Reverb/RT/D/FReverb program that allows three controls, reverb time, diffusion and high/low frequency dampingKeith Barrrev_rt_d_f.spn

    Spin Semiconductor